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Alexandre Trudeau

Alexandre Trudeau graduated in philosophy from McGill in 1997, shortly thereafter co-directing LIBERIA: THE SECRET WAR, a documentary about the JuJu magic practiced during the brutal wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone, from which JuJu Films took its name.

Between 1998 and 2000, Alexandre reported on Canadian issues as diverse as army culture and Aboriginal life for the bilingual CBC/RDI show CULTURE SHOCK.

In BELGRADE: ONE YEAR AFTER for CBC's National Magazine, Trudeau reported on Serbia's democratic youth a year after the NATO bombing.

In 2003, Trudeau made EMBEDDED IN BAGHDAD, an intimate portrait of an Iraqi family during the US-led invasion, which aired on CTV, Canada's largest network, to 1.5 million viewers.

In 2004, Trudeau spent a season with an Israeli and Palestinian family on opposing sides of the new security barrier, with the resulting doc THE FENCE also airing on CTV.

Trudeau spent 2005 following five Muslim men detained without charge in Canada, with SECURE FREEDOM premiering primetime on CTV on the even of the 5th anniversary of 9/11.

In 2006 he produced OUR THIRD CHOICE, a series of docs for CBC national radio on Canadian peacekeeping, featuring Gen. Romeo Dallaire, Louis Arbour, and Michael Ignatieff.

His most recent documentary REFUGE, A FILM ABOUT DARFUR offers an intimate encounter with the land and the people of this troubled African region.

Alexandre is a contributor to Canadian print media and has reported from China, Iraq, Liberia, Haiti, Israel, Palestine and Russia. He is actively involved on the boards of several non-profit organisations. He lives in Montreal with his wife and two young children.